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I am permanently blue for you

My Digi Buddy NFT is here to take your blues away. 

Giving the simple gift of hope and love wrapped in a lovable NFT   companion in your phone or digital wallet reminding you that “Everything is going to be all right”.

Click to Hear my voice

The power in My Digi Buddy is being able to use it for the very first time ever as a “Digital Transitional Object“ in the form of an NFT companion in your phone. Primarily designed for the internalization of maternal-like functions which are considered by psychologists to be the building blocks of our psychic structure.In the beginning Buddy was recommended as a therapeutic friend for many celebrities and fortunate people who still use it today.

You arrived at the perfect time to help Buddy share the needed LOVE for everyone and everything in our Universe. My Digi Buddy’s energy is now imbedded in the NFTs as anaudio digital aid that talks and says “Everything is going to be all right” anytime you or a friend needs to hear those healing words. Our community on Twitter and FB will have chances to win real Buddys by collecting NFTs and entering upcoming giveaways. HERE

To select your very own MyDigiBuddy NFT click here and take one or more home with you.

MyDigiBuddy’s theatrical underpinnings of using a transitional object to reduce stress, anxiety and other…. READ MORE

Is My Digi Buddy NFT right for me?

Besides the high collectible value of these NFTs, if you can honestly answer “yes” to one or
more of these questions OR you just need a comforting presence in your most private times, then My Digi Buddy NFT will be there for you.

  • Is parental pressure more than you can cope with?
  • Do school responsibilities cause anxiety?
  • Is a learning difficulty hampering your ability to concentrate?
  • Do you have trouble resisting peer pressure and is it causing stress?
  • Do you have self-esteem problems?
  • Do you sometimes feel you just don’t fit in anywhere?
  • Do you feel too much is expected of you?
  • Do you have weight or eating issues?
  • Do you feel nobody understands you?
  • Have you ever experienced physical or sexual abuse?

  • Are family responsibilities overwhelming you?
  • Is work causing undo anxiety?
  • Do you become depressed for no apparent reason?
  • Have you ever been affected by panic attacks?
  • Is there some behavior you feel helpless to change?
  • Do you have trouble sleeping?
  • Do you feel you are drowning in money issues?
  • Do everyday matters get to be too much for you?
  • Have you experienced devastating pain from divorce or break-ups?

Our goal is to provide long-term value to the MyDigiBuddy community. We intend to keep helping the planet with the MDB NFT. We’ll continue launching more features and adventures for the community throughout 2022 and beyond. These goals will start once each sales percentage milestones bellow are reached.

0%Marketplace Set up
30%One MDB NFT verified owner will receive 0.5 ETH and ID runner-ups will receive 0.05ETH each moved to the Community vault.
45%Launiching on and
Donate 2 NFTs to Monarch Global FS Children Foundation
10ETH moved to the Community vault
75%Air Drop NFTs to Twitter, FB & Discord Community.
20ETH moved to the Community vault
100%2nd Edition MDB 2023 will launch.
Real My Digi Buddy Giveaways, 20ETH moved to the Community Vault.
Donate 1% of MDB revenue to Monarch Global CF Children Foundations

Launching on 10/27/21 and every month after


OCT 2021
Launch 1 NFT each of 19 unique digital images
Rare Love
19 NFTs

OCT 2021
Launch 120 NFT each of 30 unique digital images
Medium Rare Love
3,600 NFTs

NOV 2022
Launch 90 NFT each of 30 unique digital images
Grand Love
2,700 NFTs

DEC 2022
Launch 75 NFT each of 20 unique digital images
NFT Love
1,500 NFTs

JAN 2022
Launch 50 NFT each of 20 unique digital images
Young Love
1,000 NFTs

FEB 2022
Launch 25 NFT each of 20 unique digital images
Mas Love
500 NFTs

MAR 2022
Launch 10 NFT each of 20 unique digital images
Sweet Love
200 NFTs

APR 2022
Launch 10 NFT each of 10 unique digital images
Buddy Love
100 NFTs

MAY 2022
Launch 5 NFT each of 5 unique digital images
Last Love
50 NFTs

Enter to Win a Real 3D

What you need to win:

  • Proof of ownership of five (5) MyDigiBuddy NFTs
  • Complete the entry form below
  • Your entry form must be selected to win.
Ora 1/150


If you own and love My Digi Buddy send us a digital photo of yourself with your Buddy.
Every month one digi photo is chosen, we will mint an NFT out of it, and when it sells we will forward any residuals to you (the artist) that created that original digital photo.

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Team Members

“Everything is going to be all right”

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